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A passion for bees and the production of honey, coupled with a love of gastronomy and an appreciation of healthy wholesome food across several generations; our company lovingly produces a range of unique products that are of the highest quality.
The old Breton word ‘Baramel’ means ‘bread of the honey’.(‘Bara’ meaning ‘bread’and ‘Mel’ meaning ‘honey’). Established in 1980, our family-run company is synonymous with quality and the production of wholesome organic foods and is situated in the city of Rennes (Chartres de Bretagne).
Our range of homemade quality products includes the following :
- Tender gingerbreads (13 varieties);
- Breton cakes made from our own original recipes;
- Rare, single-flower honeys ( 12 varieties);
- Soft nougat with honey and almonds (rich in honey 20 %);
- Sweet caramels with salted butter;
- Tasty, wholesome delicacies made from the finest hand selected ingredients
(for example dried fruits and other snacks).

Gingerbread as we know it today, comes from the Chinese words ‘Mi-Kong’, literally meaning ‘bread of honey’.Gingerbread was consumed as early as the Xth century and was made from wheat flour, honey and sometimes flavored with aromatic plants. Ancient texts from the XIIIth century cite ‘Mi-Kong’ as having made up part of the food rations of the ‘Gengis Khan’ cavalry. The ‘Gengis Khan’ is reported to have passed on the food to the Arabs; and in the Middle Ages, during the crusades Westerners brought back the recipe and the essential associated spices.


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